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April 2010

Dear Friends of Life:

This month we are presenting two activities for which your help is needed. First, we are asking everyone to contact Governor Chris Christie, asking him to veto any effort to restore funding of Planned Parenthood in the state budget.

EXPLANATION PARAGRAPH (Five Minutes For Life and other groups)

When Governor Christie presented his fiscal year 2011 budget, he proposed eliminating funding for faminly planning services, consisting of $7.6 million. Planned Parenthood has been receiving significant tax-payer funds through these programs in past years. Although they claim that "family planning services" funds are not sources to abortion ... "it all goes into the same wallet." Two of the Planned Parenthood organizations that receive these funds perform abortions directly, and their other clinics make a profit by referring women for abortions, including minor girls. New Jersey has the second-hightest rate of teen-age abortions in the entire nation, clearly showing that it is time to stop wasting tax funds on failing programs. Pro-abortion legislators, under great pressure from Planned Parenthood and other groups, are preparing to introduce action to restore these funds in the budget. Our letter this month will therefore be addressed to Governor Christie, asking that he veto any measure that restores abortion funding through the guise of family planning.

For our new members, as you will see below, we provide suggested phrases that can be used in a letter, for those who want such assistance. You may use our suggested phrases, or use your own words. Post cards and hand-written letters are good; just keep them short and courteous.

Please remember, we depend entirely on your help and financial support, since there are no memebership dues or fees. We have received just enough for this mailing, then we are again out of funds. Any donation, no matter how small is important. LFL is a registered "non-profit" group; therefore, your donations are tax-deductible. Due to work load on volunteers we cannot send acknowledgement for gifts less than $100, unless requested.

Sincerest Regards

Adolph Schimpf, Ph.D.

Suggested phrases for your letter:

All letters should contain the phrase:
"Please veto any measures that restore family planning funds in the budget."

Add one of the following:

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